I finally got some more time to work on the recipe program today. I haven't begun any actual programming yet but I have done a fair amount of pre-planning. I'm sure things will change as I find out things won't work the way I want them to, but I am pretty sure I know how I am going to get everything to work.

One hurdle I am going to have to overcome is the naming of variables. I am going to have quite a few of them, and it seems that Applesoft BASIC only looks at the first two characters of the variable name. So I can have APPLE$ as one and APRICOT$ as another, but BASIC will see them as the same variable. If I set one then set the other, the latter will overwrite the first. I am planning to stick with single letter single number variable names for the most part. They are not going to be discriptive or helpful in that manner but it will be easier to avoid the above issue.

With my pre-planning today I identified a few routines that should be able to be re-used for the various similar menus (New Recipe, Edit Recipe, Delete Recipe, etc.) That should save on memory, although I'm not sure if that's even going to be an issue.

So far so good this RC, I'm actually finding some time which is awesome. The next step is to actually get down to business, hopefully I'll have another post to that effect in the next day or so.


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