RetroChallenge 2012 Winter Warmup

11:53 AM 1/2/12 - Getting Organized

First off I'll introduce you to the digital camera I'll be using for documenting purposes:

It is a Kodak DC120 (1997 ish?) that a department at work was giving away for free a couple of years ago. It uses CompactFlash memory, and came with a 10MB and a 15MB card. At a max resolution of 1280x960 I can fit about 17 pics on the 15MB card. It came with a carrying case and manuals, but alas my basement flooded last year and those got rather moldy, so I had to toss 'em.

I have means to retrieve the pics from the CF cards themselves, but I thought using the camera's serial cable would be more fitting. Kodak still has the picture transfer software available for download. Fortunately, one of my current toys is an old 500Mhz Athlon rig running Win98, so installing the software and transferring the pics was a breeze.

I dug out a couple of my dad's old manuals on the Tandy:

I also have a manual for the disk-video interface, but that got moved recently and I'm not sure where it went.

There were no purpose-made computer carrying cases back in the day, so dad found an appropriate-sized briefcase and filled it up:

That is how it has lived for most of the last 15 years. The batteries died and the rechargable coin lost its charge so anything that was on there is long gone. However, Dad made has a lot of backup cassettes with scribblings on em so we'll see what we can find. Otherwise, here's some software, all on cassettes:

Nothing particulartly interesting to me there, although I think I remember that STARBLAZE 100 is a game. Maybe I'll see if I can get that loaded up first.


2012 Winter Warmup