The Hangover

09:18PM 7/4/2012

Why do all Retrochallenges seem to begin with a hangover? Sunday was no exception, this time due to a very excellent wedding reception. Nothing retro was accomplished.

I found some time tonight to work on my project. One hinderance for me last time around was a lack of organization. My program, while not overly complex, is somewhat sprawling, and I found it difficult to know where to focus. I spent this evening getting the sections of code organized. Instead of the monolithic block of code I began last year, I am going to go with a bunch of smaller routines. I feel pretty good about how I have things organized and I am ready to start.

P.S. This morning I finished watching Robert X Cringley's Triumph of the Nerds for a little motivation. It covers the history of the home computer from its beginnings to "now" (1996), and makes some interesting prognostications of the future. You can find all 3 full epiodes on YouTube, check 'em out.


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