JULY 21, 2011 - STILL GOING!

Lately I've found that I have time to work on my entry or post an update to the blog, but not both. I have been making progress, despite some minor setbacks. One night earlier this week I managed to make a fair bit of progress, then I shut the machine off without saving! Doh!

I've repaired that since, and I now have multi-level menus for selecting my options. Next is to write the code that inputs the variables, calculates the recipe, then saves it to disk. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to tackle that, now that we are getting down to the end.

I also need to go find the stuff to make Retr0Brite, since I promised I would get that done this time around.

So we are getting there. I'll try to get some pics or vids to post soon as all this text and your imaginations is a bit bland.

~ Togart

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